To local sustainability


Salomon Australia, as part of Amer Sports Australia, is proud to continuing to learn, evolve and push to becoming a more sustainable and responsible brand. Please find below several key actions that we have taken locally.


Salomon operates in a 5-Star-Green Star ratedbuilding. Our building has been certified with the Design& As Built v1.2 certified rating.​This represents 'Australian Excellence' in environmentally sustainable building practices.​

This was achieved through a strong energy rating and a 99KW Solar Panel on our roof, among other initiatives. This does two things for us, it helps us guarantee a minimum of energy that is 100% renewable (because we created it).​ It also allows us to limit our energy use through efficiency gains in building design.​

GreenPower Accredited

In June 2021, we updated our energy contract to become 100% powered by GreenPowerTM. ​This means our energy retailer must purchase our energy requirements from suppliers that produce 100% renewable energy. They will pay a tax on each unit of energy that does not match the quota of the customer’s GreenPowerTM  energy requirements.​

This is crucial to changing the energy market over time, and renders "fossil fuel" energy more expensive for the suppliers.​ “The more people choose GreenPower, the more energy from renewable sources goes into the grid.”

LOWCO2 100% Certified

LowCO (100%) means that we offset our scope 1 and scope 2 local operational emissions. Operational emissions include electricity and gas, fuels consumed, refrigerant andA/C gases, staff travel, waste, and staff flights. 

Our emissions are audited and offset by the Low Carbon Reduction Institute. We offset our emissions with the Gold Standard & Verified Carbon Standard Cookstoves in Developing Nations, which in addition to having strong environmental benefits, also provides social benefits to the local community.


Using the Shopify Planet app, we ensure that all deliveries made from purchases from our ecommerce stores are carbon neutral. Every month, the Planet App calculates the total shipping emissions generated by our orders and we pay to neutralize the emissions created by the orders. With Planet, Shopify stores become drivers for change. Every time an order is processed and shipped, a small contribution is made to purchase carbon removal credits from companies that are a part of the Shopify Sustainability Fund, creating technologies and solutions that pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and store it long term.